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5 good reasons to use reflex...
An invisible metallic coating on the inner surface of the external pane reduces the solar heat energy that can enter the conservatory. Solar heat transfer is reduced by up to 75% compared to a standard double glazed unit. The subtle light blue tint reduces glare by up to 44% but still ensures good light transmission for both visual and thermal comfort.
The heat loss co-efficient is reduced to 0.9 W/m2.K on RE-FLEX®+ with argon gas. This low U-Value is equivalent to a cavity brick wall and offers excellent insulation properties for big savings on winter heating. Because the loss of heat from inside to outside is reduced, it is much easier to keep the climate indoors at an even temperature making savings on summer air conditioning.
An 'easy clean' external surface treatment to the glass reduces the need for cleaning and makes dirt and bird mess easy to remove. The hydrophobic polymer coating promotes water run off which washes dirt and mess away with the rain, keeping the glass looking fresher. Developed for marine applications this coating is ideal for lantern roofs or conservatory roofs where access for cleaning is difficult.
The latest duel seal high performance manufacturing techniques allow us to offer RE-FLEX® insulated glass units with an extended warranty against unit seal failure. Every glass roof comes complete with after care instructions for the home owner and fitting guidelines for the installer. RE-FLEX® uses the very latest robotic manufacturing systems which means that the glass is only touched by human hand at the very end of the process when it is 100% quality inspected.
RE-FLEX® is twice as effective as Pilkingtons K-glass® at reducing solar heat, allowing homeowners to use their conservatory for longer periods in summer and winter. Often the most favourite room in the house, a conservatory should be as comfortable as possible, RE-FLEX® allows owners to maximise the use of their conservatory. Expensive blinds are no longer needed for the RE-FLEX® glazed roof, making this a sound investment for the modern day installation.
RE-FLEX® Performance Glass: Specialists in Conservatory Glass
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