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How does Reflex® differ to say K-glass or low e glass?
Reflex® has a multilayer ceramic coating on surface two inside the cavity of the sealed unit facing out towards the sun. Applied using the very latest in coating technology to give an invisible coating which reflects up to 92% of the suns infrared heat and 99% of UV resulting in temperatures 10-15°C cooler on a hot summers day.
Is Pilkington Activ Blue the same as Reflex®?
No! Reflex® is a unique solar control glass using specialist coating technology to reflect infrared heat. Some Low E glass like K-glass actually promote free heat transfer from the sun in order to warm the room, leading to super heating of the conservatory. Activ is designed as a low maintenance glass for reduced cleaning and not a UV or IR blocking heat control glass.
What if I have Reflex® blue in my roof and K-glass or low e glass in the windows?
Bad idea, the K-glass is designed to promote free heat gain from the sun and if the installation is south facing will still lead to uncomfortable temperatures in summer months. Always use Reflex® blue in the roof and either clear or blue in the side frames for maximum comfort on south facing conservatories.
Will the 'easy clean' coating rub off?
No it is guaranteed to stay on the glass for 10 years and unlike some "self cleaning" glass is not damaged by silicone or certain cleaning products. This hydrophobic polymer coating is permanently bonded to the glass surface, providing abrasive cleaners are not used and the glass surface is protected from cement dust during installation. Glass surface is protection from lime scale, mould and algae along with reduced cleaning by up to 70% will be maintained. Heavy dirt can be loosened with a soft brush and washed away with normal soapy water.
How blue is the azure tint?
The azure tint reduces the suns glare by up to 60% and is an attractive blue which from the inside appears very subtle it gently lifts the feel of the day. Reflex®+ offers an even lower U-value with slightly more solar rejection and even more glare reduction, ideal for south facing installations. Reflex®+ glass also features a low external surface reflectance to reduce the mirror effect
Is the glass safe in a conservatory roof?
All Reflex® sealed units are toughened to BS EN12150 and are five times stronger than normal annealed glass units. If they break they shatter into tiny pieces to prevent injury.
Is Reflex® glass quieter than other double glazed units?
YES, Reflex® units are made with non metal Super Spacer which along with the argon gas inside the cavity reduces noise transmission by 20% compared to the old fashioned aluminum spacer bars.
How does the 'easy clean' coating on the glass work?
The permanent protective coating is applied to the surface of the glass during manufacture and bonds to the glass to produces a durable, invisible hydrophobic surface. The surface then repels water taking dirt particles with it and making heavy dirt easy to clean.
How do I know I'm getting genuine Reflex® from my installer?
Many homeowners request Reflex® after seeing the benefits on our DVD or feeling the difference in a conservatory glazed with Reflex® but are then duped into a lower spec blue tint product with out a 20 year guarantee. {usually only 10 years} Beware of cheap imitations which do not offer 99% UV block and up to 92% solar infrared heat block, these products are widely available with names that imply temperature control. They do not work as well as Reflex® and will leave the conservatory still hot in summer and cold in winter. Make sure this doesn't happen to you, look out for the black Reflex® logo inside the glass in the corner of every unit. SEE IMAGE BELOW.

In addition to this a unique manufacturing job number should be printed on the spacer bar inside the unit on the longest side about 3mm high X 50mm long in tiny yellow along with the manufacture date.

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