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buying the right glass within your conservatory
can save you money on expensive blinds and
reduce overheating in the summer months.
investment for comfort
Research has shown that 80% of conservatory owners will spend over £1000 on internal blinds within eighteen months of purchasing a conservatory. Conservatory roof manufacturers do not advocate the use of blinds with their roof systems.

A typical south facing installation during summer can reach temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius making the conservatory unbearable and a true hot house. With RE-FLEX the internal temperature is reduced by 10 - 15 degrees Celsius cooler, allowing the conservatory to be enjoyed for more hours every day.

In the winter a cold conservatory can be an inhospitable place but thanks to RE-FLEX 50% more heat is retained than a standard double glazed

unit. Leading to lower heating bills and comfortable use of the conservatory even on the frostiest winter nights.
glass features
RE-FLEX® glass used in both the conservatory roof and side frames (Neutral clear option for maximum light transmittance) tackles the twin problems of overheating in summer and keeping warm in winter.

Specify RE-FLEX conservatory glass to give yourself a conservatory which is more comfortable throughout the year.
improved climate
RE-FLEX® Performance Glass: Specialists in Conservatory Glass
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