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RE-FLEX® is the next generation of conservatory roof glass designed specifically for the British weather. This 'smart glass' or 'solar control glass' is it is more commonly known, uses an invisible metallic coating which is applied to our glass using the latest coating technology.
50% Light transmission on blue tint option
70% Light transmission on clear option
95% UV rejection protects furniture & fabrics
The nano coating that RE-FLEX® features is unique to our solar control glass product and is applied under license in the UK for our sealed glass units.

This solar control glass coating keeps out up to 75% of solar heat but with maximum light transmission of up to 70% on clear Reflex and in winter keeps in 50% more heat than a normal double glazed unit, reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

The subtle blue tint option reduces the suns glare by 44% giving a feel good factor and lifting the feel of the day.

Harmful UV transmission is cut by up to 95% eliminating sun damage to furniture and fabrics. These key features make our solar control glass a key feature of any conservatory.
easy clean surface technology
The outside of Reflex glass units are coated with a high tech polymer nano film to repel dirt and water.
This marine grade coating reduces the need for cleaning by 70% and is perfect for hard to reach conservatory roofing.
The glass coating protects from lime scale, algae, fungus and stubborn dirt keeping the glass looking fresher for longer.
up to 75% Solar Heat Rduction
RE-FLEX® Performance Glass: Specialists in Conservatory Glass
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